We take environmental responsibility seriously in several ways:

  1. No landfill waste
  2. Utilization of bio based / recycled material
  3. No toxic chemicals
  4. Virtual estimates



No landfill waste: By lifting and leveling existing concrete the need to haul waste to the landfill is eliminated. Depending on the size of the job this keeps hundreds or thousands of pounds of concrete in use and out of the waste stream.

Bio based / recycled material: We purchase raw material foam only from HMI Company. This polyurethane foam is made with bio based and/or recycled material and is not petroleum based. In fact the raw material HMI RR201 and RR401G have been certified by the USDA for bio based content. Cured foam is fully inert and does not leach into the groundwater.

No toxic chemicals: Unlike other foams you may have read about, HMI foams have no toxic chemicals. If you would like to know more about the non-impact of the foams we use and the studies supporting these statements click here.

Virtual Estimates: By eliminating a trip to provide an in person estimate we reduce carbon output. This saves fuel to and from your location as well as the cost of time and travel. Please click here for a virtual estimate.

“Very pleased with the service from Virginia Concrete Lift and the end result. Very reasonably priced and quick, easy service.”
— Greg from Charlottesville
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